Split Seats by Sumida Lovers

The poster documents a selection of public benches from around the Sumida River bank, in Asakusa, which were designed in such a way to prevent the local homeless population from resting, reclining, or sleeping. One of the documented benches has been turned upside down as a part of an intervention carried out by Neda Firfova, Shitamichi Motoyuki, Taku Obata, Kento Nito and Daisy Sawle within their research project Split Seats. As the local inhabitants and shop owners contribute financialy to the building of the public furniture through an organisation named 'Sumida Lovers', this poster was put around the streets of Asakusa in the hope that they would reconsider how they contribute to public design funding.

Design by Neda Firfova.
Seats photographs by Shitamichi Motoyuki.
Studio photographs by Shogo Matsushiro.